The below mentioned Residents’ association successfully argued that the City of Vancouver had not been forthright with its residents. This decision was overrturned upon appeal. Citizens who disagree with the City’s view of the public interest must seek change through the political process rather than the courts…”

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508HelmckenOn a tip from North Van City Voices, here are the “Written Reasons for Judgment in the Appeal of the Community Association of New Yaletown vs City of Vancouver and Brenhill Developments.” As we have reported previously, this was a high profile case. The three judges of the B.C. Court of Appeal announced their decision in a session that lasted less than one minute on April 23, 2015, but did not provide their written reasons until this morning. Here is the link to the actual text.

Here we have created a PDF file of the document: Court reasons for judgment 2015 BCCA 227 CANY (New Yaletown) v Vancouver City, 21-May-2015

The punchline according to the three judges is this:

“When the City is considering rezoning a property, local residents have two important rights. They have the right to be given information sufficient to enable…

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