Need a moratoreum on demolitions of 3 storey walkups until Burnaby has a plan. The Mayor’s monopoly on council and hand picked commissions and commitees ensures that debate is stifled and that Burnaby will be the least affordable and least accessible rental market in the Province.

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This is astonishing, and not in a good way:




FromBusiness in Vancouver:

A wave of land speculators led by mainland Chinese buyers is snapping up old Burnaby rental apartment buildings, driving per door prices above $350,000 and razing the units for high-rise condominium construction.

The land rush is centred around four transit-linked Burnaby town centres where at least three dozen apartment buildings have been bought for demolition in the past year. Unlike Vancouver, Burnaby has no restrictions on tearing down low-cost rental apartments and building condominiums in their place. Last year, the suburban city issued 419 demolition permits and are averaging 34 per month so far in 2015. …

“The apartments are mostly in two and three storey wood-frame buildings that are 40 or 50 years old, with rents below the Metro Vancouver average.

According to Williams, all of the apartments deemed for development are…

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