We want City Hall to be accountable for their decisions. The adopted development plan for Metrotown dates back to 1977. It isn’t a bad plan and City Hall claims it is following the plan. The high rises envisioned in the late 70’s are not the colossal towers being built and proposed today.

Did you know

Patterson and Nelson were to be the only collector roads crossing the BC Hydro right-of-way, yet Willingdon has become the busiest street in the area

A core area pedestrian precinct was to`gravitate toward a centrally located public square.

The trend of development of Three storey apartment type development was to  continue in Maywood

“Special attention” was be given to an appropriate public pedestrian network in Maywood

More Facts about Metrotown

Metrotown Core

Download and print a copy of the petition today and get your neighbours to sign. We hope to present it to Council on June 23rd at a public hearing to rezone two apartment properties with 109 homes. If successful, the buildings will be demolished and replaced with two towers with a commercial podium

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