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A key report on CACs (Community Amenity Contributions) was published by the BC Government in March of 2014. This CAC report outlines a number of recommended practices for municipal governments to follow. It’s a good read. The entire report is available as a PDF file for download (Community Amenity Contributions: Balancing Community Planning, Public Benefits and Housing Affordability, Ministry of Community, Sport and Cultural Development, March 2014). An open question is whether the City of Vancouver’s practices related to CACs are in line with provincial policy.

CAC_report_2014The report clearly states that City Councils should not focus on rezoning as a revenue source and lose sight of long term planning.” As well, Councils ‘must avoid the perception that they are no longer planning but simply “selling zoning”.’

Here are a number of direct quotes from the report:

Not Keeping an Open Mind – When exercising their…

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