The City is set to construct a pedestrian walkway between Halley and Chaffey Avenues a block away from Chaffey-Burke Elementary School.

The City of Burnaby owns the  two adjacent lots at 5608 HALLEY AVE AND 5587 CHAFFEY AVE. A proposal for a community garden submitted by me  for 5608 Halley Avenue was rejected by the Community Development Committee. The Burnaby Newsleader did a story on the proposal. People I spoke to in the neighbourhood were supportive of the idea.


In addition, the Chaffey Ave propertyhas a home built in 1935. It is not designated as a heritage home, but at 80 years old it quite possibly could be designated such. It would be up to the homeowner, the City, to apply for such  a designation.

5587 Chaffey Ave Built 1935

The City has since resurveyed the properties and plan to follow through with their sale. I get the feeling from my correspondences with the City on these properties that there is something in the works. The lots are supposed to be prepared for sale by public tender and based on the prevailing R5 residential designation (Single Family House)

This property  is a newly subdivided lot and there is no history or previous assessment for this property. The subdivision took a portion of the lot to create the pedestrian walkway lane down the side of the lot from Chaffey to Hailey.  (5596 Hailey was also part of the subdivision). Currently the property is zoned as R5. The current Assessment for the 2015 Assessment Roll is Land value at  $1,122,000 and the property is assessed at the market value.

The lot at  5596 Halley Avenue is assessed at a market value of $1,053,000

Most property owned by the City (including this one) is exempt from taxation.

It is my opinion that this is an ideal location for a community garden. The heritage structure could be used to secure garden tools or for some other community amenity that could benefit many.


Temporary Community Gardens: Temporary community gardens are established explicitly as an interim land lise, are usually established on vacantI and under City approval and agreement. Their approval is based on an llllderstanding that the property will eventually revert to another approved lanq use, at which time the garden will be decommissioned.

Burnaby currently has one temporary community garden, the Heights Community Garden, which was approved in 1996 as an ‘Interim Community Garden’ on two vacant City-owned properties (3885 & 3897 Pender Street), which are designated in the adopted Community Plan for future redevelopment. Initiated by the Heights Neighbourhood Association, the Heights Community Garden was subject to a rezoning and Public Hearing process to provide information and gauge community support.

Heights Community Garden

Heights Community Garden est: 1996

Following the completion of this public review, Council approved rezoning of the site to the Comprehensive Development (CD) District based on the C8 Hastings Village Commercial District and the P3 Park and Public Use District. The Heights Neighbourhood Association then entered into a lease agreement with the City, which is subject to armual review and monitoring of terms and conditions by the City. To date, there have been no temporary community gardens established on private land in the City.” -June 17,2013