Jak's View of Vancouver v.3

It began, of course, very early in June 2013 with the publication of “Emerging Directions“, the City of Vancouver’s draft community plan for Grandview-Woodland.  This was the first time any of us in the neighbourhood was allowed to see the planners’ ideas on what they wanted to do with land use and zoning.  In particular, this was the first time anyone had ever mentioned to us the possibility of a dozen high rise buildings at Commercial & Broadway.

The publication of “Emerging Directions” with its towers immediately catalyzed an opposition to the process that had been developing for months in advance.  The uproar was so great that, within a month, the residents of Grandview had chased the Plan off the table and City Planning was in disarray; they wouldn’t get another plan or process together until the end of September (with yet another four months’ delay…

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