I tried Googling this and didn’t find much but it is true, though under advertised.

Friday, Nov 7: All Candidates Community Dialogue 
Metrotown Resource Centre
4460 Beresford St, Burnaby, 
 6:30 -8:30 
Sponsored by the Burnaby Interagency Council

Burnaby Inter-Agency Council is inviting all those who live, work, study and play in Burnaby to

  • Learn more about upcoming municipal elections
  • Find out what the candidates running for mayor, councillors and school trustees think about social issues in Burnaby
  • Ask your questions

There will be opportunities for small group discussions with candidates on the issues that affect youth, seniors, women, families, persons with disabilities and newcomers in our community.

The event will be divided into 2 main parts:

2. Introduction of Platform – Three questions will be asked. As a party, we ask that you appoint an appropriate candidate to respond to each question. Each respondent will have 3 minutes.

  Question 1 – for a Councilor candidate –  What are the top three social issues impacting Burnaby residents today?

                Question 2 – for the Mayoral candidate – Identify three concrete things you will do in the first 100 days to improve the lives of vulnerable residents in Burnaby?

                Question 3 – for a School Trustee candidate – What role can schools play in building stronger communities?

3. World-café-style discussions (3 x 20 min sessions)

There will be six tables, each with their own theme: (a) youth, (b) families, (c) women, (d) seniors, (e) persons with disabilities, and (f) newcomers.

Please have the Mayoral, 5 Councilor, and 6 School Trustee candidates present. They will be assigned to one of the tables when they arrived.

The tables will have a 20-minute discussion based on assigned topic. Citizens will have to opportunity to ask questions, make comments, and participate with the candidates in meaningful conversations.

After 20 minutes, the candidates will be asked to move tables following a pre-determined pattern. Citizens will be given the option to move at their discretion.

All are welcome! The space is wheelchair accessible. Light refreshments will be provided.