You may have read about some amenities proposed by the City
The recent rush to develop Metrotown was a result of changes to the density bonus program made in 2010. These changes made residential tower construction more lucrative for developers. It should also be noted that developers donated around $90 000 to the Mayor and Council’s reelection in 2011. In my opinion, these are more developer driven bylaw changes that were made without proper consultation. Let me know what you think
1.  Expanded Areas for the Location of Community Benefits and the Expenditure of Community Benefit Funds  (means $$ originally earmarked for Metrotown town center can be spent elsewhere in City)
FYI- MTC “Quadrant” extends to Fraser River up to New West Boundary and north to Hwy 1 and East to Gilley.
2. the community benefit funds from each Town Centre Account could also be pooled and utilized to fund community amenities within Burnaby’s Civic Centre area (CITY HALLand Deer Lake.)
3. use undesignated cash contributions-in-lieu to fund larger, significant priority amenities, as selected by Council.
(when used in conjunction with proposals 1 and 2 this means Metrotown $$ can be used to fund council’s pet projects.)

According to the report:

The new Metrotown Performance / Events Centre would be located near Kingsway and Williningdon.

“The location of this facility will, in part, be determined by opportunities arising from new development in the Metrotown core area. Ideally, this facility would be located in the  vicinity of Kingsway and Willingdon, the geographic and symbolic centre of the downtown “
That sounds like the IGA site or the Chevron Gas Station. I can imagine the traffic tie ups on event nights. It looks like this will be part of the next big development proposal for the area. I would bet the plans have already been made.
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